EY800W high-precision photovoltaic smart LCD LED panel digital MPPT tester can measure solar voltage multimeter

Product details
Supply capacity:1000 pieces per weekCertification:No
Accuracy class:highMeasurable voltage range:12v-60v
exhibit:Digital Displaycolor:white
model:EY800WOrigin:Guangdong, China
product name:Battery internal resistance meter testerport:Shenzhen
type:Solar Voltage MultimeterMeasuring current:0-35A
Packaging Details:Less than 10 pieces per boxbrand:JYAAA
Warranty:3 monthscustom made:No
payment terms:L/C, Western Union, D/P, D/A, T/T, MoneyGram
Product Description
Solar Panel Multimeter
Model: EY800W
Product Features:
This solar panel multimeter can test the maximum power point and open circuit voltage of photovoltaic panels.
Note: The multimeter is directly powered by the solar panel, no additional batteries are needed.

1. AUTO MPPT test
2. Manual MPPT test
3. Overvoltage, overtemperature, overcurrent protection
4. Over rated power protection
5. No need for additional power supply

user target audience:
1. Solar panel manufacturer
2. Solar Panel Distributors
3. Solar panel users
4. Solar Panel Fan

Key Notes:
Automatic MPPT detection:
When the AUTO test key is pressed, the instrument automatically adjusts the test interval time according to the current power
value and refreshes the digital display.

For example: when the power of the photovoltaic panel is 100W, refresh every 5s; when the power is 300W, refresh every 15s.

Manual MPPT detection:
When the manual test button is pressed, the instrument starts scanning the maximum power point and refreshes the digital display.

1. Please be sure to use this product within the rated voltage, current and power range.
2. Be sure to disconnect the photovoltaic panel from other equipment or loads before testing.