Small pure steam generators for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries

Product details
Warranty:1 yearMarketing Type:normal product
Showroom location:not anypayment terms:L/C, T/T
weight:250 kgport:Shanghai
Origin:Jiangsu, ChinaAfter-sales service provided:online support
Mechanical test report:ifbrand:Chery
process:hotAfter warranty service:online support
Main selling points:long lastingHealth status:new
Core component warranty:1 yearVideo shipment inspection:if
Applicable industries:Hotels, manufacturing plants, food and beverage plants, food stores, othersCore components:engine
Energy source:electrical
Product Description
The pure water is heated by the steam in the boiler in the generator to generate secondary steam to remove toxins and bacteria in it, also referred to as pure steam for short.
Pure steam generation is widely used in the sterilization and disinfection of pipelines and storage tanks in pharmaceutical, food, beverage and other industries.
The technical requirements of the machine meet the JB 20031-2004 pharmaceutical machinery industry standard for pure steam generators.
The condensed water after pure steam cooling should meet the quality standards of water for injection in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2020 edition.
product name
pure steam generator
pipe material
SS304 and SS316L
control method
production capacity
Finished Dosage Form
one year
1 set
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