Blender Wall Breaker Home Cooking Machine Smoothie Machine Silver Crown

Product details
payment terms:L/C, Western Union, D/P, D/A, T/T, MoneyGramRated voltage:240
Function:Juicing, Minced Meat, Ice Crushing, Dry Milling, Blending, Milkshake MachineWarranty:1 year
Core component warranty:1 yearrated power:1500
place of origin; place of origin:Guangdong, ChinaLocal service location:not any
Marketing Type:normal productcapacity:2 liters
After-sales service provided:On-site installation, commissioning and trainingspeed:20000~29999
Mechanical test report:ifVideo shipment inspection:if
Core components:motorsize:200X200X510MM
Applicable industries:Building materials store, print shop, farm, restaurant, clothing store, advertising agency, machinery repair shop, food and beverage store, grocery store, retail, energy and mining, manufacturing plant, food and beverage factory, hotel, construction?type:Juicing/Stirring/Food Machine
Main selling points:multifunctionalShowroom location:not any
After warranty service:Online support, on-site maintenance and repair services, video technical support, spare parts



300(points)300 (Savomix)

(SAVOMIX)(silver crown)




Broken cooking machine

The broken wall cooking machine integrates the functions of juicer, soybean milk machine, ice cream machine, cooking machine, grinder and other products.

One machine with multiple functions, instantly breaking through the food cell wall and releasing plant biotin

Because the ultra-high speed (over 22000 rpm) can instantly break the cell walls of vegetables and fruits,

Effective extraction of plant biochemical elements, thus gaining the reputation of a broken wall cooking machine,

It is the first choice of household appliances for modern family health care.

The latest generation juice machine is a more functional wall-breaking cooking machine that integrates heating and stirring.

It can not only make vegetable juice and smoothie, but also heat soybean milk, fish soup, herbal soup, porridge, etc.

Function Description:

The common functions of the broken wall cooking machine include soy milk, fruit juice, thick soup, rice paste, coarse grain porridge, sauce, fish soup, smoothie, warming, Chinese medicine crushing, etc.

Soymilk: All kinds of grains are freshly ground, no dregs, even and delicate, and the nutrition will not be lost.

Smoothies: Quickly break the ice to make a variety of refreshing smoothies.

Juice: high-speed crushing of various fruits, no residue, more comprehensive nutrition.

Minced meat: Homogenize all kinds of meat to quickly achieve the effect of meat paste.

Grinding: Instantly grind all kinds of beans into powder.