JC Agras T40 40L Chemical Spraying APAR Agricultural Drone with Binocular Vision Agriculture Drone Sprayer

Product details
battery capacity:30000 mAFunction:One-key take-off/landing, with camera, with remote control, with LED light
Applies to:Agras T40Expand Size:112CM*75CM*85CM
Version:Global versionmodel:JC-AD-40001D
payment terms:Wire transfer, AlipayMaterial:carbon
capacity:40L, 40000 mlusage:Agricultural pesticide spraying drone
place of origin; place of origin:Guangdong, ChinaKey words:Agricultural drone sprayer
Maximum takeoff weight:101KGnet weight:38kg
Packaging Details:Carton and Wooden Boxapplication:heavy agricultural drone
type:agricultural use
Product parameters
Agras T40
place of origin; place of origin
Total weight (excluding batteries)
maximum takeoff weight
Hover Endurance
18 minutes (@30,000 mAh & takeoff weight 50 kg)
7 minutes (@30,000 mAh and 90 kg take-off weight with full canister)
6 minutes (@30,000 mAh and 101kg full tank takeoff weight)
maximum operating speed
6 m/s
The maximum diagonal wheelbase of the fuselage
2,000 mm
2800mm × 3150mm × 780mm (arm and blade unfolded)
1590mm × 1930mm × 780mm (arms unfolded, blades folded)
1125mm × 750mm × 850mm (with arms folded)
Propulsion system KV
Motor 48 rpm/v
propeller diameter
54 inches
Sprinkler System - Water Pump
magnetic pump
Spray tank volume
Full: 40 liters
Max T30 Spreading System 3.0 Weight
Spreader volume
Nozzle model
LX8060SZ (standard)
T30 Intelligent Flight Battery
battery weight
12 kg (approximately)
Omnidirectional obstacle avoidance radar
rear view radar
Remote control type
RM700, support T40, T20P
Remote positioning
* GPS+Galileo+Beidou
Remote control display
7.02-inch screen, resolution 1920×1200, brightness 1200 cd/m²
T30 Intelligent Flight Battery Charger
9000W fast battery charging station, fully charged in 9~12 minutes
D12000iE Gasoline Generator
9~12 minutes to fully charge T40 battery
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