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Product details
style:Internalsupport:STK for Mobile Charging System and TCP/IP
weight:4 kgcolor:Black
Gross weight per piece:4.000 kgPackaging Details:34X10X14cm Cartoon SMS Transmitter 16 Port SMS Transmitter Bulk SMS Sending Device
Private model:YesWarranty:1 year
type:Wireless, group messaging system, wirelessCertification:CE&ROHS
Transmission rate:2Mbpsbrand:Skyline, China Skyline
Single package size:34X10X14 cmInterface Type:USB
model:M26/M25/M24,GSM 16place of origin; place of origin:China
Sales unit:single productproduct status:stock, stock
Product Description
A GSM Modem is actually a device used to send and receive text messages.
Requires a mobile SIM card to support
Just like we do with our cell phones. When you need to send group text messages, insert the sim card into the device, connect the power supply and connect the PC by
USB cable. Then we can use the relevant computer management software to realize the function of sending and receiving short messages.


1. 16 SIM cards
2. Module optional: GSM: Quectel M26
3. Frequency: GSM 900/1800/850/1900Mhz
4. IMEI change
5.USB optional
6. Function: group SMS, MMS, USSD command, AT command, call
7. Free software
8. SMS transmission speed 2G 800-1200 SMS one hour per SIM card
Key Features:
Like 16 single channel devices working at the same time
- Insert 16 SIM cards (large or small)
-Integrate with Serial32 by connecting the computer with the data cable
- Each channel has an independent power switch
- each individual module is dismantled
- Industrial chassis, elegant housing
-GSM frequency: 2G
- Wifi
- Compliant with GSM Phase2 standard
- Dual Band/Quad Band (Optional)
-RS-232/USB/RJ45 interface (optional)
-16 SIM card support (large/small)
-Optional data, voice function
- Batch send and receive SMS in English
8/16/32/64 port gsm modem
GSM module
place of origin; place of origin
Supplier type
Short message
send group message
4 kg
1 year
product status
in stock
Wireless, group SMS system
STK for Mobile Charging System and TCP/IP
technical parameter
Model16 port SMS blaster
moduleQuectel M26 Module
port16 port SMS blaster
frequencyGSM quad-band: 900/1800MHz, 850/1900MHz
Short messageMT, MO, CB, Text and PDU modes
FunctionSMS; MMS; USDA; IMEI change; Command; Make and receive calls; GPRS
earphoneSupport, you can use it to make and receive calls via AT commands
Transceiver rate750-1000 SMS/SIM/hour
AT command control standardGlobal 07.07, 07.05
GPRS Class 12 rate85.6 kbps (upstream and downstream)
antenna50 ohm, 3db
enterAC 110-220V, 50-60Hz
outputDC 12-24V
operating conditions- 20°C to +55°C operation - 25°C to +70°C storage
AccessoriesAC/DC adapter, USB cable, antenna and CD drive
1. Large shopping malls and supermarkets
2. Professional market, large wholesaler
3. Large hotels, large entertainment venues
4. Large institutions
5. Transportation and logistics
6. Large enterprises and institutions
7. Large hospitals, large bookstores
8. Newspapers, TV and radio stations
9. Oil companies (other chain business models)
10. Government offices or large towns
SMS Transmitter / 16 Port SMS Transmitter / Bulk SMS Sending Device

1. Q: What frequency does this SMS Modem support?

2. Q: Can you tell me the function of SMS Modem?
A: It can be used to send SMS and MMS in batches. It also supports GPRS, USSD, DAILING, AT commands.

3. Q: Where can SMS Modem be used?
A: The main function of SMS Modem is to send SMS in batches, so it can be used to send notifications, such as marketing, government notifications, school notifications, agency...

4. Q: I am new to this device, is there a user manual or a technician who can help me when I first set up the device?
A: Our equipment has a PDF user manual, and our technicians are on duty 24 hours a day to help you set up your equipment and install the free software SMS Caster 3.6 for you. And teach you how to use it manually. If you have any questions about this, you can contact our TECH
5. Q: When can I get the goods?
A: We will deliver the product within 1-2 days after receiving the payment. Also, we have several delivery companies for you to choose from.Usually, you can receive the product within a week.

6. Q: What
w is quality and after-sales service?
A: The warranty period for all our products is 12 months. If there is any problem with the quality of our products, we can replace them with new ones under any circumstances.