Fast Send Speed ​​LTE 4G SMS Modem 8 Ports 4G Bulk SMS Modem SMS Broadcast Gateway Gsm Modem

  • Supplier: Skyline (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Region: Guangdong, China
  • Contact: Ms Cheryl He
  • Price: $419.00 / 1 - 1 pieces
    $405.00 / 2 - 9 pieces
    $378.00 / 10 - 19 pieces
    $351.00 / >=20 pieces
  • Min. Order: 1 piece
Product details
Sales unit:single productCompatible:AT command
product status:in stockmodel:4G 8 Port SMS Modem
frequency:4G LTE FDD and LTE TDDInterface Type:USB
type:wiredSingle package size:23X29X9 cm
SMS software:SMS casterGross weight per piece:3.000 kg
Supporting countries:all over the worldstyle:External
Packaging Details:Carton: 23*29*9CM Weight: 2KGbrand:Skyline
Transmission rate:1024Kbpssupport:SMS MMS IMEI
SIM card slot:8Send Rate/Port:3000 SMS/hour
operating system:Windows/Vista/XP/Win7/Win8/Win9/Win10/Linux/Mac OS XWarranty:one year
Module brand:EC25 or EG91place of origin; place of origin:Guangdong, China
Fast Send Speed ​​LTE 4G SMS Modem 8 Ports 4G Bulk SMS Modem SMS Broadcast Gateway Gsm Modem
Product Description
4G 8 Port SMS Modem Pool

The GSM MODEM pool is also called "SMS cat pool" in China. USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 can be directly inserted into the computer usb port for use on laptops and desktops. Breaking the rule that multi-technology can only be used on desktop computers. Built-in wireless module, can insert 8 SIM cards and send text messages at the same time.

Available in 8/16/32/64 (2G/3G/4G) port models.
We have good SMS traffic to all over the world. Find US, Philippines, France, Asia and all European SMS routes.
Contact me to learn more! Skype: Live: alisa_1657 WhatsApp/WeChat: 008613542062020 Telegram: @alisachenOvO

8 x SIM card (large/small) slots
Receive/Send Bulk SMS
IMEI variable
AT commands, voice calls through AT commands
2G/3G/4G network optional, 1/8/16/32/64 ports optional
Free mass texting software (SMS Caster)
SIM slot
sending speed
4G 8 ports
SMS modem
24000 SMS/hour
4G EC25
or EG91
SMS/IMEI change/
AT command
product name
Multiport SMS Modem Pool
3G UMTS: 800/850/900/2100MHz
2G GSM: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
SIM module (4G)
EG91/EC25-AFX:support inUSA / Canada
EC25-E:support inEurope/Africa/Asia/Middle East
EC25-EUX:support inEurope/Africa/Asia/UK/UAE
EC25 - Auxiliary:support inAustralia/New Zealand/South America/Colombia/Mexico

receive SMS
IMEI change
Voice calls
AT command
SMS software
SMS Spellcaster (Free)

SMS caster function
Batch sending, multitasking, port splitting sending, intermittent sending, timing sending, retry if sending fails (limit the number of attempts)
Support importing contacts, importing information in batches, merging the same contacts, and grouping contacts
SMS view/export failure, unfinished task export/save, outbox and inbox export
port selection
1 port, 8 port, 16 port, 32 port, 64 port

SMS sending speed per hour
Bulk send3000SMS per port per hour

(1) 1 port = 3000 SMS(2) 8 ports = 24000 SMS
(3) 16 port = 48000 SMS (4) 32 port = 96000 SMS
(5) 64 port = 192000 SMS

Other models available
2G:M26, M35
3G: UG96, UC20
4G: EC25
power input
110~240VAC/ 50~60HZ
USB 2.0 and USB 3.0

1 Power indicator
SIM card status indicator per SIM card slot
operating system
Windows/Vista/XP/Win7/Win8/Win9/Win10/Linux/Mac OS X
1) Ideal for telecom distributors, resellers, service providers
2) SMS verification and one-time password
3) Marketing activities (promotions, sales)
4) Bulk SMS service
5) Information Services
6) SMS - Newsletter
7) Notifications - SMS (Date, Birthday)
8) Surveys and Feedback Requests
9) The Sims Business
10) Store SMS content/receive SMS on the device page
how to use
(1) Insert the SIM card into the modem

(2) Install USB Exporter and SMS Caster (We will send you both freeware via online email)
(3) Following are the steps to send a message via SMS Caster
1. Install SMS Caster like common software, and close it after successful installation

2. Connect the GSM MODEM to the computer correctly, and the computer will prompt to install the driver.

3. Select the driver path for each port and it will be installed automatically.

4. After the driver installation is complete, start the SMSCaster program and all ports will be found.

Open smcaster, click on the phone, and update all to see how many ports work.

If some ports are not displayed correctly, you should check the simcard or replace another simcard.

When replacing the SIM card, the module should be turned off first, and then turned on when the SIM card is inserted.

The composition of sending SMS, if you just want to send a few numbers, you can enter the recipient number in the number, then enter the content, after completion, then press Send to Outbox, the SMS will be sent to the Outbox, press Send box, then you can see the detailed SMS list and press send.

They will be sent out (you should first select the port you want to send the SMS to).

detailed picture