• Supplier: Inenergy LLC
  • Region: -, China
  • Contact: Sergey Averin
  • Price: $3310.00 /piece
  • Min. Order: 1 piece
PEM Fuel Cell Battery 500 Watt details
Place of Origin:Russia;Brand Name:InEnergy;
Model Number:PSU-0.5-SMA;Packaging Detail:carton;
Rated power:500W;Humidification:Self-Humidifying;
Weight:7.0 kg;Hydrogen consumption, max:6.4 l/min;
Rated voltage:19-21V;Payment Terms:L/C,T/T;
Fuel type:Hydrogen 99.995% pure;Port:Moscow;
Product Description

Hydrogen Power Supply Unit

(PEM FC electrochemical generator)

The Power Supply Unit comprises a stack of proton-exchange fuel cells processing gaseous hydrogen directly into electrical power, a controller, and a cooling fan. The system is air-cooled.

The unit is ready for being installed into hydrogen-fueled power supply systems to be used as a main or a backup power source for portable devices and UAV, or as a universal power supply in robotics and educational appliances.


Our Services

 Custom Design, Our Own R&D Centre,
Testing of third party hydrogen equipment

Company Information
InEnergy Group is the Russian national leader in fuel cell generation research and production.
See on the photo: InEnergy Chairman of Board Mr. Alexey Kashin presents our products to President Vladimir Putin during the Moscow innovation fair in January 2019.


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